Lake Havasu City 01/15/11

Two airplanes and eight people made the to Lake Havasu City Saturday morning.  The trip over was super smooth and we arrived at the Lake Havasu airport at 9:00 AM.  Desert Skies Executive Air Terminal gave us first class service and treated us like the VIPs that we all are.  We shoehorned all 8 of us into a 7 passenger van loaned to us by Desert Skies for the trip to the London Bridge and breakfast.

The attendees were: Keith and Margaret Monet, Jim and Gert Little, Dewey and Sandy Harnagel, and Bill and Judy Burch who are neighbors of Dewey and Sandy.

Due to a GPS programming error made by Dewey, we took the scenic rout to get to breakfast.  When we finally got there, we had a wonderful breakfast at the Makai Cafe which is right next to the London Bridge.  After breakfast, we walked across the bridge, took lots of pictures and did some shopping in the shops along the waterfront next to the bridge.

Other than a few minor bumps getting over the mountains east of Havasu, the trip back was almost as smooth as the trip over.  It was a beautiful day, beautiful weather, great breakfast, nice scenery and outstanding company.  Who could ask for more! (Well lower fuel prices would help a little)

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A Shot of Keith and Margaret's Skylane in the Morning Sun

And Dewey and Sandy's Mooney Taken From The Skylane

We thought this was our transportation but alas, no

The Specials at the Makai Cafe

Getting Ready to Chow Down

A View of London Bridge From Just Outside The Cafe

I Think Scenery Shots Are Better With People In Them

Fine Photography Always Has To Include Pretty Girls

The Group On The London Bridge

It Is a Good Thing This Sign Was There Because Some Of Us Were Planning On Jumping

These Ducks Were Getting Their Breakfast Too

Pigeons Too

Not The Normal Boat You See On Lake Havasu

Oh Well, These Stairs Will Work Our Breakfast Off