Event date: May 6, 2011

Location: Hangar 27 - 11

29 members and guests attended the hangar party. 


People present:

            ABSF members:

4-50’s Band members:

Assortment of 4-50’s “groupies” and Dewey’s neighbors

ABSF Hangar Party

May 6, 2011, a beautiful evening as members and friends came together at Margaret and Keith’s hangar for the Arizona Blue Sky Flyers (ABSF) annual “Hangar Party” and Potluck. The theme for this year’s hangar event was “Patriotic” as in red, white and blue patriotic. With the tables all decorated in red, white, and blue, everyone added dishes filled with their favorite home cooked recipes to be shared in a potluck styled event. A nice array of meat dishes, side dishes, desserts, all made for a truly “Pot Luck” affair!

The airport traffic pattern wasn’t very busy on this evening though there were a few lucky aviators still out in the pattern tuning their flying skills. At hangar 27-11, the 4-50’s musicians were busy finishing their equipment set up and tuning of their instruments.

With the day winding down it wasn’t long and guests started arriving for the early evening dinner and entertainment. In the background were some of the sights and sounds typical of our airport. Helicopters were a significant part of the evening air traffic as they busily flew in and out of the area. The late afternoon temperature was a little warm (94 degrees) with just the hint of a breeze; but just as soon as the sun dropped, so did the temperature with it getting to a very comfortable 88 degrees. The result was perfect weather and a great setting along with the camaraderie of great friends and invited guests coming together to enjoy the evening.

Most appreciated were our gracious hosts Margaret and Keith for opening and decorating their hangar for our potluck event. They had the lion’s share of the preparation work done well before guests arrived. 

Everyone, guests included, did a wonderful job with the food selections brought to this dinner. What a great assortment of food we had to choose from; pulled pork, fried chicken, premium-grilled hot dogs, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, macaroni salad, Margaret’s home made dinner rolls and more, were included on the buffet table. As this list suggests, there was plenty of variety and certainly an ample amount of food for all to enjoy. Oh yes……….and desserts too; Dewey’s Sawdust Pie, Berry Crunch, Cream Cheese Pie, miniature cream puffs, and several cakes made up the dessert choices.

The 4-50’s band provided musical entertainment for the evening. Dewey and band members T.J., Phil and Kimball played and sang a variety of songs from the 50’s/60’s era. Numerous old favorites including Chantilly Lace, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Elvis’s All Shook Up, Little GTO, Doo Wop harmonies of The Righteous Brothers, Ricky Nelson’s It's Up To You to name just a few. 

As the 4-50’s played into the evening, the music echoed through the north hangar area with many dancing to their favorite melodies. With everyone in attendance standing – the 4-50’s presented a wonderful rendition of the ever-popular Lee Greenwood patriotic song, God Bless the USA. A big cheer went out as the last notes were played.

Below, for your curiosity and enjoyment, is an assortment of pictures taken during the hangar party.

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The dessert table with just a few of the selections pictured.

Stop at this table first before heading for the food line.

Friends visiting while final preparations were taking place.

TJ and his wife Gayle introducing Sandy Harnagel and her sister Joan Betz to one of The Four Fifties fans.

Dewey sharing club information with some of the guests.

Dewey making a last minute electrical hook-up for the band.

Dinner time……..time to eat!

Margaret, wishing away the calories from her desert selections.

The 4-50’s band gets started with their entertainment program.

Phil Johnson on drums. Later, he sang a great rendition of Chantilly Lace.

Kimball Win playing the steel guitar. He sang as well as played several instruments.

TJ and Dewey.

We had a “mystery” test pilot in the crowd. He sometimes stood at the back so as to be obscure and maintain his secrecy.

Guests enjoying the music while Sandy and Joan are jitterbugging in the background.

Grooving to the beat.

And, to everyone’s enjoyment, the band played on………..

From the band’s perspective…..this is what they saw.

Some of the dancers in the crowd.

Dancing with the stars…….well, how about dancing “under” the stars!

As the musical sounds and lyrics to “Goodnight Sweetheart” drifted across the ramp, it was time for the 4-50’s band and the Blue Sky Flyers to bring this 2011 event to a close

Under the dim light of the crescent moon, with the airport now quiet and as the song said, it was time to go. THANKS to all those who participated in our party, we’ll do this again next year.  

More Pictures below:

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