Eloy 02/12/11

Well, only one airplane and 4 people made the fly in breakfast on Saturday, February 12th.  The original intent was to have breakfast at Avra Valley but since it was just us, we were talking about the parachute operation at Eloy and the girls thought they would like to see that.

We had breakfast at the little cafe on the Eloy airport and then went out to the vertical wind tunnel where the skydivers can practice free fall.  A couple of instructors were taking some first timers through their initial wind tunnel experience and it was quite interesting.

We then went out to the grass field where the skydivers land when they are coming in and just watched for a while.  Some of those people have really got the landings down pat.

Anyway we had a great time.  Sorry you all missed it.

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All the attendees, right here

A tandem setup coming in

Junpers celebrating a sucessful landing